Provide full line IR support service

Corporate Direct Co., Ltd. is an “IR & IT” company that conducts an Internet solution type business independent in 2007 from General Support Solutions Co., Ltd., an IR support company.


As is well known, the Internet environment surrounding society has been changing rapidly. Not only the PC but also the 3G mobile, the tablet such as the smartphone and the e-book widely popularized the medium which carries out the Internet, it is just the aspect of the ubiquitous age.


Likewise, there is also a change in domestic IR needs. The importance of IR began to be recognized, and the effectiveness of the net which can transmit information to a large number of people widely became understood. Under such circumstances, in 1996, we established an IR information site through the Internet, but in keeping with the needs, we will constantly introduce new services to ASP service of IR site, information distribution, mobile, and net IR By shifting, we have transformed ourselves into a specialized company for Internet IR services.


We will continue to pursue what the Internet IR service should be for the various environments surrounding enterprises and investors from the viewpoint of “IR & IT” and support the communication that we all seek.